19 October 2010

Maverick Men: The True Story Behind The Videos (THE BOOK)

You'ld have to be livin' under a rock or in internet-less closet
to have missed Xtube's VIPs of VIPs... 
I could easily ramble on and on about 
these modern-day gay porn mavericks, 
yet nothing I could put into words 
could convey the depth of lust and raw masculility of these two in action.

This is the first clip I ever saw of them...
early days and one of their first video posts.

Several years on, 
these men have evolved, respectively...
and their sexual relationship have evolved with them.

Maverickman22's horny, homemade videos on Xtube. 

Seriously, even their 'worst' efforts are far hornier than 99% of everything else on XTube, or the internet itself for that matter. I'll be the first to admit that this post reads like I'm edging my tits-off... AND FOR DAMN GOOD REASON!!! Just about every time I stumble upon their videos puts me in a ferociously HORNY state-of-mind in which I'm left with no other option than to pull my cock out and rub one out.

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