01 December 2010

Counting down...

In the spirit of all things ridiculously horny, 
I intend to quietly fade-out 'RAW MASCULINITY' 
by 1 January 2011.

As such, all remaining posts are meant to express 
the highlights of my experience(s), influences and connections 
derived or associated with this blog. 

At the risk of sounding like a total dagg, 
it's just my way of sayin', 

Beginning with my personal 
ALL-TIME favourite cocksucking bottom, 
Treasure Island Media's exclusive UBER-bottom, 

And so we begin...

Counting down...

31 days til the end of the year...

31 days til I log-off and retire this blog,
my alter-ego, if you will...
bringing closure to this chapter of my life, 
to what has been a phenomenally enriching experience 
as creator/moderator/author of



Woofbuds said...

I hate that you are closing down this blog. I have gotten off so many times to your blog. Hope you reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Only just discovered your blog. kind of like my morning coffee before work. Thanks for your pleasurable blog.


SIR said...


Cheers for that message mate...nothin is more gratifying to me than feedback like yours. I'm usually edgin' my tits-off, fightin' every impulse I have to rub one out every time I post to my blog FULLY AWARE that I'm putting-in the hard-hours expressly to nudge horny fuckers like you to jack-off and blow your loads right along with me ;-)

Btw...your blog's pretty kiss-ass too!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! excuseme, I´m spanish speaker, and I couldn´t translate very well your explanation about to close your blog. (I used a translator, but it was no sense) could I know why?? it´s one of the greatest blog i´ve seen...

Saludos desde Oaxaca, México ;D

Luis García, follower ;D

cumbriefs said...

love that cock worshipping fucking hole. that's all he wants to be. a fucking cum dump hole. i known the feeling!