10 December 2011

Shout out to Red-Hot-Chilli and 'The Men of COLT'

The Men Of Colt

"This blog is a shrine to the men of COLT, covering the entire period from 1968 until today, with a strong focus, though, on the years when 'Rip Colt' aka Jim French was at the helm of the studio he once founded, back in 1968."  Red-Hot-Chilli

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With the intention of replying to this stud's comments (posted to 'RM'), I clicked on the link to his blog, The Men of COLT, and was instantly pulled into his world of men, meat and masculinity...what u see is undeniably what u get from Red-Hot-Chilli

Impeccable selection of videos, images and links 
to a broad range of horny, MASCULINE MEN,
the Alpha Males of our generation...

Here's a sample of his vision...
Five, two-minute preview clips of COLT men, 
a video compilation (I put together myself) 
after spending hours revisiting his hypermasculine world.


(the video compilation...)

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