29 December 2011

Force Fucked Initiation (vintage video)

THIS vintage (precondom) clip 
just gets better and better 
every time I watch it, 
(ultimately jacking-off and cuming to it).

It's probably a damn good thing I didn't come across 
full-on bareback porn like this til my mid 30s,

Scratch and replace that with...

"Why the fuck did I have to wait 
til my mid 30s to see this?!!?"

 ~  ~  ~


Travis said...

What film is this from, cause that shit is HOT!

Proud Bator said...

Thats because our taste changes as we get older buddy. Im exactly the same. now re-watching some boring stuff i have here, I feel like, what? how did I miss that? was this is the video before? fuck, thats so hot!" and there u go! we learn to appreciate more details rather than the muscles. hehehe. happy fucking new year buddy! i will be at work, damn it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is from a french gay movie "Les minets sauvages" by Jean-Daniel Cadinot. (1980s?). In our language (french) "minet" means either young cat or cute boy about 18-25 y old. Cadinot directed many gay movies with "minets", you can find sites about him on the net.
Bruno (fr boy)

Anonymous said...

(see my other comment first)
About this extract of "Les minets sauvages", after having watched it: Yes it's hot. I am a french boy. I and others at highschool we still wear these white briefs, they are traditional for boys here. Exciting to see bulge of another boy. But I prefer older guys.

SIR said...

Cheers Bruno...appreciate the info.