16 May 2011

Full: Jonny Juice Compilation

Major shout-out of  
"THANKS !!!" 


 to AdrianNSSN 
for posting this compilation video on his killer blog 
MaxXxCock Blog
Of the multitude of porn vid/files
and thousands upon thousands of
hard, horny men I've seen online or otherwise,
THIS DIRTY DUDE 'Jonny', is a fukin stand-out! 

I can't put my finger on it, really...
he just makes me so hard, so quickly.
Come to think of it, he does resemble
the guys my older brothers hung-out with in high school...
I was around 10 yo at the time.

Until now, I had only seen one short clip of Jonny -
the last 40 seconds of this compilation (from 8:10 to end).
I'd play that same 40 sec clip on repeat/loop til I'd blow my load...
the fewest loops was 2 and the most was 13 or 14,
and the average was prob 4 or 5 loops to take me over the edge.

Suffice it to say, I'm feelin' pretty damn grateful 
to blooger buddy AdrianNSSN
for what will undoubtably be the gift that keeps on givin'...

Well, I'd better get to it... 
Full: Jonny Juice Compilation


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AdriánNSSN said...

Thank you for giving credits!