24 May 2011

LPSG: Hung Guys Acknowledged Publicly (forum)

mega-HUNG studs

Large Penis Support Group

      Recently came across an unnamed document which turned out to be one of the first forum threads (which I just happened to save) that completely captivated my attention and sexual intrigue, especially with the name "Large Penis Support Group". Needless to say, I became an avid member and LPSG quickly became one of my all-time favourite sites.

5-6 yrs later, Large Penis Support Group now seems more like a 'blast from the past', that is, until rereading this (v extensive thread). Within no time, I had been lured back LPSG by posts just like this, and I am instantly reminded of the unassuming yet hyper-aware, masculine, LPSG members out there who take great satisfaction indentifying themselves as COCKPROUD, cock-centric powerfuck studs.

NOTE: I've posted a v small snippet below from the entire original forum/thread. If I receive sufficient feedback or personal email requests, I'd be happy to share the remainder (after de-identifying).

ALL LPSG member/authors' 'names' of original posts have been replaced with fictional names however, none of the original text has been altered or modified.


Guest, 07-20-2003, 09:54 AM
I know we had a similar question on one of the older boards but I figured i would resurrect this post with my experience. I recently started working out with a guy from work a couple months ago at the gym. It was the first time we had seen each other naked. After our workout I started to undress. It was after I pulled my underwear down when I heard whoa. At that point I looked up to see this guy looking right down at my equipment. At that moment I was embarrassed as I still had to take a shower plus that fact that there were other guys changing…to make matters worse as we were showering he finished off by saying" i guess you ate your Wheaties growing up, which caused the other guy in the shower to look down. I just laughed it off. one of the more embarrassing moments but one I still think about. Anyone else have any similar experiences? --------------------------------------------------------------------

KY4MY9, 07-20-2003, 08:18 PM
Sort of a similar situation but I wasn't embarassed. It was fact, what am I supposed to do. I thought it was a little brainless of the guy to say something but it seemed like he was saying something as harmless as sharp car, cool sunglasses..........I still dont get why you would be embarassed. It isnt like you borrowed it and he is complementing you on someone elses equipment. Yes it is personal but your'e in a locker room where a lot of less than clever remarks keep the conversation going. Just joke it off. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Piledrvr, 07-20-2003, 08:44 PM
I go to the Community Center downtown several times a week for the indoor pool, sauna and shower. Usually, especially in the summertime, there are only a few adult men sitting around naked in the sauna or changing in the lockerroom. But once in a while I run across some young fellows who might be with their dad or with another young buddy. On one occasion last summer a couple of boys about 8 or 9 years old froze in their tracks when I emerged from the showers and headed past them for my locker. I'm about 6 x 5 flaccid with billiard-size balls that hang 7". I overheard one of them whispering to the other, "Gross! Do you think we'll look like that when we get that old?! --------------------------------------------------------------------

DICKINROUNK 2006, 03-12-2006, 10:22 AM
I was an early bloomer! what made it worst was when I went to camp and had to use communal showers for the first time with guy who ages ranged from 12-17. I didn't shower for 2 days to avoid but eventually had no choice. I undressed and headed towards the showers leaving my towel on the hook. I was aware of the fact of my cock swinging and walked slower to aiod the pendulum effect. As I walked past the last bench this one guy who was about 16 yelled out "hey check out the sausage" At point every kid within earshot looked down between my legs. A few chuckled and some just smiled.I was mortified but kept walking and face the wall during my shower the whole time! I also had guys on the size of my bush. I had a vast amount of pubic hair for my my age.You learn to deal with it and move on.---------------------------------------------------------

BETUWANTMYMEAT, 03-12-2006, 11:58 AM
I like this question, as I am still amazed how so many people -- mainly men, staight or gay -- feel perfectly at ease with making public comments to a well-hung guy about the size of his dick. (I know that large-breasted women encounter the same thing regarding their "gifts.") Depending on the circumstances, I have always experienced these comments to run the range of flattering and ego-gratifying to embarrasing and disturbing. It is hard to single out just one experience as the "most embarrassing," but a recent one occurred a few weeks ago. I was in Washington, D.C., on a business trip and, one evening, I was working out at the downtown YMCA that was near the hotel where I was staying. While I was changing into my work-out clothes, there was this guy a few lockers away from me who I noticed was staring at me while I undressed. He was attractive enough, but there was something about him that my instincts told me I didn't like. I just turned my back on him and ignored him. Later, out in the weight room area while I doing some arm curls, he came over, and in a voice loud enough so that the people right around us could easily over hear, announced, "You are too large to wear those shorts. You make the rest of us guys feel bad." For the recoord, the shorts I was wearing were not baggy, but they were neither tight nor short, Like most of other hung guys out there reading this, I presume, unless your pants are quite baggy, you always show a bulge that would be noticable for anyone who was was looking for it. Anyway, all the people working out near me immediately looked at my crotch, of course. I was embarrssed and quite pissed off at this guy. I think maybe he was trying to flirt with me, but I am not sure. I just ignored him. --------------------------------------------------------------------

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