29 May 2011

'Power of the BULGE' (video compilation)

As anticipated, the 5-month 'break' from moderating this blog 
was one helluva an eye-opener and much needed reality check.

I don't mean to suggest I had any significant 
or life-altering revelations or experiences to reveal as a result, 
however it would be remiss of me to withhold 
the little gems or 'pearls-of-wisdom'
I've acquired, mainly upon reflection, thus far.
My cyberbudz are well aware of my deep, deep appreciation 
for the more subtle aspects of male sexuality, 
not unlike the furry bloke featured in this compilation of 
masculine, hung and horny men 
rubbin' one out for the camera(s) and
evolving legions of cocksuckers under their respecitve spells... 

well aware of their cocks' growing power, 
with each passing second,
and every single stroke of their cocks...
an experience I can relate to effortlessly,
well within my own comfort zone,
and (to this day) never challenged 
by another man sexually.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful choice in men! The hairy guy with the vascular arms is more than enough to get my dick hard, I wish we could have seen more of his dripping cock! Thanks
Peter in Indianapolis