13 February 2010

"Life is Good" from The Gayest Str8 Guy

Check out this post by Scott, group moderator/owner of The Gayest Str8 Guy blog. In all honesty, if I weren't so damn focused on jacking-off and edging, I just might be able to take my hand off my cock to write and post my own material, particularly about horny stuff JUST LIKE THIS (not to imply my writing is comparable in quality). Just fkn glad Scott and other bloggers are motivated to do so, and we're all the hornier and luckier for it. Case and point, "Life Is Good" almost perfectly reflects what I consider a 'perfect jack-off session'. Main difference for me is that I fuckin'luv startin'out wearing jeans and briefs so I can get my bulge all worked up, throbbin'against the cotton and bustin' to be let free...like RIGHT NOW! Major shout-out to Scott for this as it is DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ (and the wank ;-)):
" Life Is Good "
"Everyone has their own idea of perfection. The perfect life, the perfect wife, the perfect portfolio, the perfect vacation, the perfect sex partner. This is my idea of the perfect jack off. Bare fuckin ass naked, outside, sunny day, public but not a spectacle, giving your cock the fuckin pounding it needs. Let your sex partner cuddle and fondle your dick. It's your job to beat that fuckin thing into oblivion. Show that fucker who's boss. Grab the arm of the chair and get some leverage on it. Lift your ass up and bring it close to you. Look at your cockhead. Fuckin perfection. Grit your teeth, get a power grip on it, let loose that tribal grunt, and choke the living shit out of it. Feel those balls get good and tight. They're only along for the ride. This is mano y mano, just you and your manhood in a fight to the finish. Harder. HARDER! You could get walked in on at any time. You don't care. If it's your chick she'll get totally hot. If it's your buddy he'll be jealous. Squeeze your fist around it and beat that meat. You know that familiar feeling when he's gonna spurt. Bring it home baby. Go ahead. Let him spray all over your face. It's just cum. It wipes off. Feel it all over you. Smell it. Taste it. You're a man. Gay. Straight. Bi. Curious. It's what we do. Now go pull down your pants and have at it.
BIG THANKS go out to the reader/commenter who forwarded this to my email!!!

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