11 February 2010

All-time Favourite Pre-condom Scene: 'Huge 2' (FVP 1984)

(This is a re-post, of sorts...) 11 Feb 2010 Heya men, After numerous enquiries regarding my All-time Favourite Pre-condom Scenes and their significance to me, I've decided to stop dicking around and provide a bit more context to these video posts and other RM posts of interest. To kick it off, I've re-posted HUGE 2, my all-time favourite clip WITH context (duh...text). Besides givin' myself a throbbing boner in the process, Have to say I really got-off writing this short summary as I reflected on how I REALLY felt, or remember feeling, the very first time I saw this, and the other Top 10ers...and how I've come to regard them now. This Top 10 list has been modified more times than Dawson's been fucked (yummm...) but by-and-large reflects how my cock responds, then and now, how intimately I 'know' it, how often I used it as a "sure-fire" thing to get me off, etc... Truth be told, I even had my partner review the list and vids given he knows me better than I know myself, ESPECIALLY SEXUALLY. Tho he didn't agree with 2 of my choices, he whole-heartedly underlined the top three. Then again, he may be a bit biased given he too is a total Top himself (thx babe...;-)). 1. Huge 2 2. Sailor in the Wild 3. Powertool For those of you horny fkrs who were horned-up or interested enough to ask or comment about my, let's just say, 'casual blogging style', this is my first genuine effort to give this stuff some substance...so, THANKS guys. Respectfully, Sir

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