27 February 2010

As Sir Instructed

From John R


Sir!! Thank you for the privelage of our conversation earlier! This boy's cock has been rock hard ever since! Following is just one of the MANY fantasies Your boy has had ... and the one that was in Your boy's mind as he stroked out a nice load. Respectfully submitted for Sir's review and hopeful pleasure.

boy arrived at the club as Sir instructed, wearing his jeans and t-shirt, cockring and plug in place. boy's body is tingling with anticipation. he loves any time that he is able to spend with his Daddy. A few minutes pass, the boy's eyes locked on the door, when Sir walks in. His boy's eyes meet His. Sir notices the smile on His boy's face. His boy immediately kneels where he is ... knowing that Sir will want to stop to say 'Hello' to some of his friends that are there. boy's eyes remain on Sir, following Him through the club. boy's cock is hard ... it has been most of the day ... it is constantly when he thinks of his Daddy. After a bit Sir strolls over to His boy and says 'Hello boy.' 'Hello, Sir. How may I serve You?" Sir strokes His boy's hair as He looks around the club. "Grab me a beer, boy. Get one for yourself too." "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." boy walks to the bar and gets the beers. he returns to Sir, holding out the beer to Him. After Sir takes the bottle the boy returns to kneeling alongside Sir, his cheek pressed against Sir's thigh. A number of people approach us, talking with Sir, occasionally saying 'Hello' to His boy. Sir finishes His beer and hands the empty to His boy. His boy knows that when Sir hands him the bottle after He is done that He wants another. boy quickly gets up, goes to the bar and returns with his Daddy's brew. After about an hour of Sir visiting with friends, His hand occasionally stroking boy's hair, Sir sets the empty bottle to the side. "I need to piss, boy." Sir walks away, headed to the bathroom, his boy following. Once in the bathroom Sir looks around, then moves over to one side, not going to the trough. boy kneels in front of Sir, his eyes locked on Sir's bulge. Sir slowly unbuttons His jeans, His cock straining to be released. His boy licks his lips, anxious to be able to taste his Daddy's cock. Sir takes out His cock, stroking it a couple of times. His boy opens his mouth. Sir relaxes as His stream of piss starts, splashing into His boy's mouth. He watches His boy's throat move up and down as he swallows his hot urine, noticing that the boy is careful to not allow a drop stray from his lips. After He is finished, His boy uses his tongue to softly lick along the piss slit of Sir's cock, making sure he has received every possible drop of his Daddy's gift. Sir leans back against the wall and gives His boy the slightest of nods. Seeing his Daddy's signal, boy opens his mouth and slides it down over Sir's cock. he slides his tongue along the underside. boy's lips and tongue have memorized every ridge and vein of Sir's cock, and trembles slightly as he feels the head of Sir's cock coming to rest on the back of his tongue. Sir isn't fully hard, so His cock doesn't enter His boy's throat ... yet. boy's cock is so hard, straining against the pouch of the jockstrap. his mind is focused on giving his Daddy the best blowjob He's ever received. That is boy's goal EVERY time he services his Daddy. Sir's cock quickly fills-out, reaching its full, rigid length as His boy's mouth slides up and down its length. boy moves a little quicker, his tongue sliding up and down alongside Sir's shaft and the head of Sir's cock pushes into the opening of boy's throat again and again. Sir reaches out and pulls His boy's head fully down onto His cock, holding His boy's head as His boy's throat hungrily massages His cock. Sir can feel His boy's breath streaming in and out of his nose. He notices too that His boy has perfected not gagging on His hard cock, marvelling at His boy's control. But He expects nothing less. Sir continues holding His boy's head against His pubes, watching as His boy's eyes start to water. "Mmmmmmmm" ... the boy hears rumbling through Sir's chest. "Such a good faggot," Sir softly says as He allows His boy's mouth to start sliding up and down His cockshaft again. Other guys have come and gone, most relieving themselves and leaving. A few stand off to the side and watch, learning fairly quickly that they're witnessing a very well trained and talented boy servicing his Master. One sad little boy slides down on his knees next to boy, and makes the mistake of reaching for Sir's cock. boy's hand flies out and grabs the other boys wrist. he didn't see or hear Sir give this other boy permission to touch him, and boy isn't about to let some poorly trained faggot touch his Master without permission.

Sir snorts a little laugh, sneering a bit at the sad little boy and motions with His head for the boy to move along. A couple of the other guys watching chuckle a little, knowing the sad little boy obviously doesn't know his place. Unlike Sir's boy. he knows his place ... he's worked very hard to earn the privelage of seeing to all of his Master's needs, wants and desires. There's nothing boy wouldn't do for his Daddy. Daddy's complete pleasure and satisfaction are what drive boy. boy picks-up the pace of his mouth sliding over his Daddy's cock. A couple of Sir's friends have come in to take a piss. Sir pushes back on boy's forehead. "Toilet duty, faggot." Sir's friends hear what He has said and turn away from the trough and stride over closer to where the boy is kneeling. boy quickly turns to his Master's friends. The two of them stand there, hands on their hips. boy moves to the older of the two, knowing he is one of Sir's best friends, and quickly unbuttons his jeans and pulls his cock free. boy leans forward, opening his mouth, holding the opening near but not touching Sir's friend's cock. Only if Sir instructs him to take another man's cock into his mouth does the boy allow one to pass his lips. The man's cockhead flairs a bit as he starts to piss. The man's urine gurgles a bit as it fills boy's mouth, boy's throat working to swallow it. The man finishes, shakes the last couple of drops off the head of his cock, and then tucks it back into his pants. He thanks Sir and then walks out. boy turns to the other friend and again unbuttons his jeans and eagerly swallows his piss. Another guy has come in. He doesn't know Sir quite as well, but Sir nods at him to join the other guy and use His boy's mouth. The man quickly unbuttons and starts to piss, adding his to the other guys already full stream. It's a lot of piss ... but boy swallows as fast as he can, knowing that not a drop is to escape his mouth. The guy who had started first finishes and puts his cock away, thanks Sir, and leaves. The second guy finishes. He puts his hand on the back of boy's head and makes like he's going to shove his cock into boy's mouth.

If Sir had told His boy that he was to give this guy a blowjob, boy would have, gladly. Whatever Daddy wants, boy gives. But Sir didn't, and boy knows that Daddy does not allow anyone to take liberties with His boy. boy has been instructed how to handle these situations. boy starts to pull back, but the man's hand remains firmly on his head. Sir's instructions blaze into boy's mind. boy's hand flies up and grabs the man's nuts, squeezing them firmly and pushing back, sending the guy a very clear message. The guy looks up at Sir's steely gaze and realizes quickly that he's gone too far ... he releases boy's head and quickly stuffs his cock into his pants and leaves as he's still buttoning up. boy moves, on his knees, back to Sir. His cock is still hanging out of His jeans. boy quickly sucks his Daddy's cock deep into his mouth and begins sliding up and down, needing to feel his Daddy's cock fully hard and thrusting into his throat. It doesn't take long until Sir is back to full hardness. boy slides all the way down, burying his nose into Daddy's pubes on every downstroke, his slides becoming quicker and quicker. After a couple more minutes Sir pushes back on boy's forehead again. "Fuck, boy ... I need some of that pussy." He strides over to one of the stalls and pushes the door open. boy quickly crawls into the stall, unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down, so when he gets into the stall the denim is bunched around his knees. he gets to his feet and places his forehead against the wall, just above the toilet. Sir reaches out and yanks the plug from His boy's hole. Without any spit or lube, He shoves His cock to the hilt into His faggot's hole.

All He hears from His boy is a quiet grunt. He smiles to Himself, very happy with how well His boy has responded to his training. Some boys would scream-out from shock and not a little bit of pain from Sir's fat, hard cock when He slams it into them. Not this boy. This boy is better than that. As if to confirm the though, Sir feels the boy's ass clamp down tight onto His cock. Sir grabs His boy's hips and start to rabbit fuck his ass. He loves to watch his hard cock ramming into His boy's hole ... watching the boy's hole grasping and releasing His shaft with each hard plunge. Sir feels more than hears a deep groan rumbling through His boy. His boy loves His cock. His boy worships Him. And Daddy enjoys rewarding him for his devotion. That's why Sir fucks His boy even harder ... faster. Normally Sir would take His time ... spending often times hours working His boy ... but watching and feeling His boy performing so well has got Daddy more horned-up than He's been in awhile. And now, all He wants to do is fuck His boy like Hell, and fill his sweet talented hole with His load. It's only a few minutes later when the boy feels his Daddy's cock swell even bigger. boy works even harder to massage his Daddy's cock with his ass ... milking his Daddy's sweet cum from His balls ... filling up his boyhole. By now boy has begun muttering 'Yes ... yes ... yes' with each thrust of Daddy's cock. boy hears another deep groan rumble through Sir and knows He is about to pop. boy bears down hard with his ass muscles as he feels Sir slam one final time, a louder groan escaping past His lips as His cock starts to buck, streams of white hot cum splashing into His boy's ass. boy feels Sir's grip on his hips relax, and knows that He has finished filling his ass with his perfect white gift. boy quickly reaches out and grabs the plug off the floor and slides it into place, not wanting a drop of his Daddy's cum to escape. he hopes Sir will allow him to enjoy His cum later, after they've gotten home. Plug in place, boy spins around and takes his Daddy's cock into his mouth, strongly sucking on the cum-soaked shaft. Sir looks down and watches as His boy quickly but expertly cleans off His cock. He looks down and notices a pool of boy spunk on the floor ... knowing His boy has shot his load without touching himself. After His boy has cleaned His cock well enough Sir steps back, His cock sliding from boy's mouth. He reaches down and cups boy's chin, pulling him up to his feet. Sir quickly slides His tongue into His boy's mouth, kissing him hard, tasting the remnants of His own cum and His boy's ass juices. Sir stands back, rubs His boy on the top of the head. 'Very nice, boy,' He says. Sir looks down at the floor and the puddle of cum. 'Don't waste that.' He looks at His boy to make sure he has gotten the message. The boy quickly drops to his knees and laps up the cum from the floor. Sir walks out of the stall, tucking His slowly softening cock back into His jeans. 'I'll see you outside ... grab us a beer when you come.' With that, Sir pushes through the door, not looking back, knowing that His boy will follow soon.

There You are Sir!!! i hope You enjoyed my fantasy! As i mentioned before, this is just one of MANY that your boy has had, thinking and dreaming of You using him for Your pleasure. i look forward to visiting with you again soon.

Until then ...


boy john



Breeding Jock said...

OMFG! That was the hottest story I have ever read! Damn!f

alphatop7 said...


I have to admit that this isn't a recent exhange however always intended to post this on my blog...nice to know that it's AS HORNY today as it was when he sent it following a VERY, VERY intense c2c session.

This fucker is THE REAL DEAL...highly intuitive, masculine and submissive...a TOP'S dirty dream cum true...as sure as I'm sitting here, my cock is at full attention and ready to plunge (given amount of precum spotting my shorts ;-) )...

Here's another little 'secret'...I posted this with YOU in mind, hoping to grab your attention...scout's honour!