05 May 2010

A Breeder's Journal: A Very Bad Day

Best blog post of 2010... so far! Suggest closing all other windows in your browser...enlarge text size, sit back, take your hand off your dick and enjoy this beautifully crafted memoir from one of the most gifted writer/bloggers on the net. " Breeder's Journal: A Very Bad Day ...The first really bad day of my life went a little something like this. I led an elaborate double-life in my teens. To my family I was the perfect child. I got straight As in school and eventually graduated as valedictorian. I excelled on my SATs. I played multiple musical instruments, attended band and choir, did every extra credit assignment, and participated in every extracurricular activity I could in order to plump out my college resume. I played tennis and lacrosse and swam competitively. And yet from middle school on, I was sucking dick and getting fucked in restrooms and parks across the city every chance I got. I’d tell my parents I was going to the public library to study, and I’d spend hours in the basement there, hunkered down on the floor feeding on dicks beneath the stall. I’d travel with my mom or dad to their university offices, ostensibly to research one of those extra-credit projects in the library, but mostly so I could research how much cum I could take through the second-floor men’s restroom gloryhole. In good weather, my parents loved that I'd take long, healthy bike rides instead of staying inside and watching TV like my contemporaries. More likely than not, though, I'd end up in one of the local parks or along the riverfront cruising spots, where I’d lock up the bike and spend hours pedaling the air while guys held up my legs and fucked me. I was adept at juggling the two lives. I’d get all my schoolwork done during classes and lunch, so that once my extracurriculars were taken care of, my free time and weekends could be devoted to sex chasing. My parents both worked full time and at odd hours..." Click link below for more... A Breeder's Journal: A Very Bad Day

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The Breeder said...

I just noticed this on my feed. You're awfully kind to me, sir. Thank you.