29 May 2010

'Blow by Blow' (cocksucking compilation)

This 'cocksucking compilation' is dedicated 
to every man who has surrendered himself  
in service of  
my cock.

I dedicate this effort 
  (as well as countless orgasms!!!)  
to those men who skillfully wrapped 
  their hands, lips and mouth 
around my cock,  
deliberately immersing himself  
in my self-obsessed, cock-centric world.


Damien Oz said...

Next time I get to sydney I am bringing knee pads to give you a go mate :)

Anonymous said...

i'm honored to be included in your blog, stud. it's always hot, and one of my regulars. would love to make a movie with you. =)~ keep it up. peace. cock4worship.blogspot.com