03 March 2013

Born with it (video clips)

This man epitomizes the organic aspect 
of raw male sexuality -
sensually seductive, sexually self-aware and engaging...
salt-of-the Earth kinda guy.

Smiles with his eyes, completely engaged 
in the present moment and situation 
with his mate online.

When he smiles, you believe him.
which leads me to believe that when he fucks,
you believe him.

And if that ain't enough for ya,
his cock pretty much says it all.

The man's effortlessly yet perpetually hard,
and beautifully fuckin' HUNG.

Suffice to say, I now have even MORE reason 
to grab my cock and pump out a load.
Blown 3 full loads already...
and counting.

Be sure to watch the second clip all the way through, 
past his orgasm, to the end...


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