15 October 2011

T.I.M.'s 'Used & Abused' [2011] feat.Brad McGuire

The latest T.I.M. production 
hits the nail on the fuckn' head with their 2011 release

Featuring Brad McGuire
arguably one of THE best and most popular 
mega-HUNG TOP studs in contemporary porn...
a familiar name among countless 'BEST TOP' and/or
'BEST COCK' year-end lists around the world.

Q: Why is this stud such a stand-out in an ocean of cock and muscles?
Why is he so damn popular, year in, year out?

A: This man knows who he is, 
knows the power of his cock 
and knows how to deliver
a good ol' fashioned, man-on-man, 
unrelenting and uninhibited, 
time and time again...

(6+ min video sample...)

~ ~ ~


Pito Savage and Rick Talons said...

Hot Post

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful shot scene of brutal rough bb sex w/ B. MacGuire & J. Sullivan. Very hot & enjoyable.