30 April 2009

"Evolution of an Alpha Male"

 ~ ~ ~
     For over a decade, almost every boy and man I’ve fucked refers to me as either “Sir” or “Daddy”, no exaggeration. I take tremendous pride and pleasure “training” the sexually adventurous novices in particular though am always keen to guide another Top into submission and create an experience in which he can let go of what he knows, doesn’t know, should and shouldn’t do, allowing himself to be led so that he can abandon all thought, knowing he’ll be safe under my guidance. I’m a very patient man, a good-natured introvert with an easy smile, hearty laugh and naturally very masculine. I have almost no body hair, except for a bit under my arms, around my nips, treasure trail to my package, up the crack of my ass and all the way down my legs. 

    Now 41, I regard myself as sexy and handsome, fit and sexually insatiable. I love my cock in every way, in every state. I haven’t always been this confident about my dick. I’ve always felt sexually powerful but didn’t have a clue what other guys thought about my cock, despite repeated sexual experiences in which boy after boy after boy would go down on me, close his eyes, groan, lay his head on my lap and just feed, suck, kiss, fuck and make love to my cock, objectifying it while shamelessly thanking me for it, for giving him permission and access to it. 

     At around 30, I finally got it! And rather than play coy or unaffected, I fuckin’ decided that I wasn’t gonna even question them but instead chose to believe every word and became a MAN…sexually selfish, self-serving, self-cantered, egocentric and total egomaniac…all this only added to the totality of my cock as my ego was growin’ at the same rate. And these (eventual) well-trained cocksuckers provide(d) me with truckloads of adoration and sustained sexual attentiveness and respect as each and every one genuinely worships my cock or is committed to serving me as my sub/bottom for the privilege of learning how to service a real man and a real man’s meat. 

    Case and point: 2001 in San Francisco with my (then) new sexy Aussie husband after BIG night-out, wired off our tits…opened my eyes to find 2 (sub) leather men knelt before me while I was showering at Steamworks. I had just stepped into the showers when they cruised in, all-but trippin’ over each other as they passed. I had already started chillin’ out, closed my eyes and kinda swayed to the music, under a really strong, really hot shower. Steam was rising off my skin. Totally in my own element, my cock relaxed into the biggest, fattest state to this day. And I was sportin’ my thick, heavy stainless steel cockring…fat mother that just makes my package feel so heavy, so substantial…good to brace my boner with too, especially when feeding a boy’s mouth. Minutes passed and I heard my partner call out to me from the hot tub, “Babe…open your eyes.”

     There they were…both of them…shamelessly submitting to me publicly…hands behind their backs without so much as one word, sign or go-ahead from me. rI liked it…fuck that…I LOVED IT!!!. Fast forward six hours… from the second I brought them back to our room where they dedicated themselves to taking turns servicing my cock. My partner sittin’ back, strokin’ his cock, enjoying every second…no words, just breathing, moaning, licking, sucking, swallowing, kissing and jacking was all that filled the room. I’d never felt more like a man. Next thing, my cocksuckers started really going at my meat…rough…hungry. LOVED IT! I smacked ‘em both around, pulled my meat away, held my boner firmly in my left hand, then hooked my fingers into their mouths and belted them with my dick…until one of them grabbed it away from me and started beltin’ himself and his mate again…I blew like a mutha-fucker! 

      As they drained and cleaned my cock, they kept gazing at my cock, almost lovingly. Then another smack to each cocksucker, followed my the most sensual kisses my cock has ever experienced. All you could hear was soft kisses, breathing and one of the subs say, Deserves a name…”Big Guy”. Thanked them by letting them suck me off again…this time blew up one sub’s ass then pulled out and fed it to the other…it’s just the kinda guy I am…almost 8 years later and my partner still refers to my cock as "big guy"! Since then, I proudly refer to my cock as "big guy". I sport a nice package in jeans, khakis and Speedos and briefs AND am totally turned-on by other hot guys' bulges and baskets. It's not exactly rocket-science that I'd go on to name a number of my groups and/or blogs using the name, "bigguysbulge". 

      Getting head is the most beautiful and generous thing in the world to me. I never feel MORE like a man than when another man is kneeling or laying between my meaty legs, worshiping my crotch, unveiling my cock, kissing it, licking it, revering it…awaiting my cue as permission to inhale my cock and begin feasting on it, grateful for its size and power, tirelessly stroking and sucking on it, hopeful to extract my load, swallowing every seed, then releasing my meat only after I’ve said so – though almost none of them want to let go, that is until I place my foot right on his chest and shove him to the floor as I stand up and walk over him to go have a piss. I’m a selfish Top but I always take time to learn about my sex partners’ fantasies. Makes me hard hearing them talk dirty, then gradually leading him to divulge his most intimate and secretive sexual fantasies - the darkest, dirtiest sexual scenarios that have gotten him off countless times, yet remain unknown to any other man, until now.  

     And, on the rare occasion when the “right’’ boy comes along, I share my own. When it’s working, I can kick back for hours and just have him service me and my cock while I have a hit off a joint. That’s when I feel most powerful and confident. I’ll take my time, occasionally humping his mouth to let him know Daddy’s happy. 

     All this time he’s only allowed to respond in 1 of 2 ways: “Sir, Yes Sir.” Or “Sir, Thank You Sir”. With the exception of his ‘safe’ word, that’s all he gets because I do not respond to anything else. Anything and everything that boy needs can be addressed using these 2 statements. If he slips up, I let him know how to do it differently but then remind him that the next time will find my strong hand firmly smacking his backside...

  ~ ~ ~

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