16 May 2013

'CoolTop' will fuck your brains out...(XXX horny blog!)

“I love to fuck”

(Here's just a little taste...links to more below.)

 Today I engaged in a little silly Dad/son nonsense with an absolutely adorable kid in his early 30s. I never thought this guy would really come through; he prick teased me for weeks on Daddyhunt (a site which as far as I can tell is pretty useless for hooking up) and then disappeared completely, then a few months later, reappeared on Manhunt and yanked my chain for much, much longer-- I think we've been talking since winter. I'm about a zero on the kink-o-meter, so role play and stuff like that is more likely to make me feel like a numb nuts than turn me on, but something about his approach was appealing; it didn't come on too strong and he was such an arresting mix of youthful/boyish (with a total Teen Beat smile full of white teeth, dreamy green eyes, and very symmetrical face) and manly (hairy body, huge muscular thighs, nice beard, strong nose) that it turned me on to think of him being into me as an older guy. So I indulged him for as long as he kept after me, even though he lives in Harlem and has a partner himself and it seemed like it would never work out even if he truly wanted it to.

But today he hit me up asking to come over and suck "Daddy" off (I think I prefer being called Dad to be honest, nota bene) and I told him sure, I would have some free time in the afternoon. I kept expecting to get a text saying "something came up" or whatever, but he showed up barely two minutes late, which is impressive given how far he was coming from. My son is a very responsible young man, you see! He was wearing a tank top that showed off his bulging shoulders, biceps, and huge lats, and I thought, holy fuck, jackpot! I gave him some water, and we chatted a bit, and then Dad showed him how his body works.

He liked very slow kissing and lots of touching. I feel like maybe he used to be heavy and only became muscular in recent years-- his skin had that loose quality such guys tend to have, and he really liked showing off his very shapely physique, pulling off his tank top and shorts to reveal a hard boner in a very cute pair of red American Apparel briefs, then holding his biceps flexed up over his head while I ran my hands up and down over his body, marvelling at all the curves. He had a star tattoo on his amply meaty right thigh, a pair of hard muscular ridges running up the middle of his back, serious ass-meat swelling inside his underpants, and beautiful light hair dusting his torso all the way up to his fat, sensitive nipples. He beamed proudly as I told him what a knockout he was and how much I wanted to get my dick in him. I stood behind him and swirled a fingertip over each nipple as he ground his asscheeks into the bulge in my shorts, then let one hand slide down over the trail of smooth hair, into his waistband, and over the coarser texture inside above his erection. "You have amazing hands," he said, arching his back and whimpering like a little girl at the attention I was giving his chest.

I had him get on his knees and slowly unbuttoned my shorts, revealing just the edge of my tool, which he sniffed at with slow pleasure, and then I pulled apart the fly to let my dork come springing out into his face. He took me into his mouth very slowly, wanting to feel every ridge and bump of me before getting it in his mouth. He sucked me very gently at first, letting me slide into him inch by inch until his nose was in my pubes. And then he made a tight ring with his lips around the hairy base of my bone, and somehow wiggled his whole tongue along the underside of it, giving me the most intense sensation of warmth and pleasure I've felt along the length of my penis in a long time. This was going to be good.

He kept the cute little briefs on in the bed, posting himself between my thighs to work on my meat in earnest, and the flash of color stretched over what I imagined were beautifully round, milky orbs kept drawing my eye down his body from his handsome face all full of my choad. But eventually I had to push him on his back and rip them off him-- his ass was so meaty, they kinda got stuck until he arched his back, which was extremely exciting-- and then he was there in front of me with his legs held aside and his dick and balls swollen up between…a beautiful invitation to press the entire weight of my body on him. His saliva was thick and slippery on my dick and I was precumming so my tool glided over his body as if it was inside a pussy-- when I pushed his right knee all the way back with my left hand, forcing his own groin up higher against mine and giving me a more dominant stance, I came close to ejaculating instantly. He was smiling brilliantly the whole time I humped against him, wrapping his legs tightly around my waist while I put my weight on his shoulders and sucked at his beard, and said "Your body feels so good against me, Daddy."

I flipped him over and the round shapes of his buttocks coming together in a deep cleft, inviting my tongue, was duplicated just below by a pair of very shapely balls in a smooth, shapely nutsack, a small heart shape hanging below a larger meatier one. His hole opened instantly to accept my tongue and as I bit his cheeks and ran my beard along his inner thighs he sighed, "I can't believe how good that feels on my hole." "You got a really sweet ass, son," I told him, "and it's mine today…

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